Fleur of England - Iconic & Darling Collections

images via Fleur of England, photos by Nicky Emmerson

We just recently received the first of the new Autumn 2011 collections from Fleur of England; Iconic and Darling.  These are just part of the 5 distinctive groups designed for the 10-year Anniversary celebration of this UK luxury lingerie label.
The Iconic group includes the all-black (or onyx) lace items with bold strap detailing.  It's a bit edgier and bold than what we've previously seen from Fleur, but at the same time very sophisticated and classy.  It's pretty much the perfect collection for her to ring in her 10th year!
The Darling collection includes pieces made from a combination of blush satin and black lace.  It's sweet and very much a signature Fleur of England style, which we know so many of you love (us included)!
As with every season, slight modifications have been made to existing styles to perfect and improve each piece, and then there are the classic silhouettes that have been brought back because they are tried and true. 
It's difficult for us to chose which group we like best, but perhaps our favorite are the Iconic items.  We love the cut-out back shortie and the Balcony bra with its wide stretch straps (which coordinate wonderfully with that gorgeous garter belt). 
Which pieces are your favorite?
You can shop the new arrivals here!

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