Nina Ricci

We are so proud to announce that we now carry Nina Ricci lingerie at Faire Frou Frou. This classic French label was founded in 1932 and is famous for its refined, romantic and feminine designs. Olivier Theyskens is the creative director of the ready-to-wear collection, which has positioned the label as a major front-runner in the world of luxury.
For the Nina Ricci lingerie group, we just received the Glycines collection. This collection is beautifully constructed from Levers lace, and had a light and airy feel. Included are a few pictures from the new collection (shown in black), and we only purchased it in White for Spring. The remaining images (the light-colored sets) are from a previous season.

If You Love Vannina Vesperini (Like We Do), Keep Reading!

We are excited to announce that most of our Vannina Vesperini collections are available for purchase online at!! This is great news for those of you who adore the brand, since it's particularly hard to find online. This very specialized brand is one of the top designers we carry (amongst Carine Gilson, ID Sarrieri, Damaris...), and the new Spring 2008 collection has been selling quite well in the short time we've had it.
The new collections being featured are the Intemporels group (also known as the 'classics' group), Harmonie, Illusion, and Fleur de Geisha.
All of the bras are not only beautifully designed, but they're practical in that they can be worn under form-fitting clothing. The designs truly are classic.
Each bra has a coordinating tanga (thong) and/or silk short.
We are loving the Intemporels Silk Tunic - these make great outerwear pieces. Just layer over a pair of tights, and throw on a pair of boots or flats, and you're good to go for a night out!
Speaking of layering, check out the Harmonie Halter Bra - this is a great piece to wear underneath a suit jacket, and show off that amazing lace detail!
All of the color-schemes work wonderfully, and we're particularly fond of the new Ultraviolet color (available in the Intemporels Bra & Tanga).
Take a look at what's new from Vannina Vesperini, and start shopping!

Damaris Lingerie - Spring 2008

We are receiving plenty of new arrivals at Faire Frou Frou, the latest of which is from Damaris. Of course you know Damaris, famous for her back bow-tie knickers and her corset knickers. This Spring season brings some vibrant, cheerful pieces with color options in yellow, peach and white.
The White Lace group is so perfect for Spring; it's crisp, clean and fresh with its buttery yellow trim.
The 3 groups we've received thus far are in Electric Yellow, White with Butter Yellow, and Peach. We are loving the 3-Wire Bras, which provide great coverage for all cup sizes. The regular Underwire bras are great for fuller cup sizes.

The new Mimi Holliday pieces are also in, so more on that in the next post!

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We have in our stock biggest collection of models of the most popular sunglasses and eyeglasses fashion brand Coco Chanel. Everything what we haven't in our stock we can order from the company with special order, so if you would like to get your favorite model and can't find it online or in ground stores you can order it on by using a variety of payment system. It will take more time but you will get your model and we can guarantee that you will get your model and will be satisfied.

Strumpet & Pink - on its way to Faire Frou Frou!!

We discovered (and fell in love with) Strumpet & Pink 5-years ago when we were first researching brands that would be stocked at Faire Frou Frou. We have loved this brand for a long time, and we are incredibly excited to share the news that a new Strumpet & Pink collection is on its way to our store (and our online store too!).
If you are not familiar with this line, Strumpet & Pink is a whimsical British label created by Lisa Morgan and Melanie Probert. They specialize in hand-made knickers that are decadent, ornate and certainly created for a special occasion. Their creations are so high-fashion and gorgeous, you almost want to own them purely as a display item!
Each panty has a unique name and design, and included are a few images of our favorite pieces! We gave the designers free reign to create special items for Faire Frou Frou, so we will keep you posted when the new collection arrives in a few weeks!
In the meantime, if you see any pieces that you wish to special order, we can certainly facilitate that for you. You can pretty much do any style in any color, just ask! These panties are truly made-to-order, and are like little pieces of art. This is what high-fashion lingerie is all about! Please email us with your inquiries at

Lingerie in the Movies!

We are excited to see the new film "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day", and if you've seen the trailer, you know what we mean! This movie appears filled with eye-candy from its deco glamorous interiors to its 1930's costume design. The film is set in London in 1939 and is filled with feathers, silks and a lingerie fashion show...and hopefully the plot and the acting are good too (of course it will be since it stars Amy Adams and Frances McDormand)!
Here are a few pictures we found on the web to give you an idea of what we're talking about. One of the robes worn by Amy Adams reminds us of the Madame V Glamour robe that's sold at Faire Frou Frou. We're not sure whether the lingerie in the film is vintage, created by the costume department, or whether it's a lingerie designer that we may know of. We have a feeling it's either vintage or costume design... And speaking of design, we love the interiors!