Truce - by The Lake & Stars

The latest group from The Lake & Stars, Truce, is now in stock! This collection is so adorable - even photos don't do it justice! This weekend alone, while price-tagging the new arrivals, and we sold almost all of the Truce Camisoles on the spot!
This collection is made from silk chiffon and ethereal ribbons of tulle and metallic cotton. You are probably thinking the Truce camisole looks vaguely familiar - and it is. It is the Spring 2009 version of the "We're on Break" camisole that was featured in "Sex & The City: The Movie". The desingers, Maayan and Nikki, recommend that you wear the romper and camisole from this group as outerwear; "These featherweight pieces can be worn alone or paired with a tank top and jeans or a high waisted skirt...We like to pair the bra top with an opaque top and a high waisted full skirt". We couldn't agree more! The designers also state that the "ivory pieces are a perfect purchase for the bride-to-be who is searching for the item which is not to frilly, yet sensual sensual and modern".